TMC Motorsport offer ECU remapping services for all types of vehicle, cars, vans, tractors, trucks, motorcycles, boats and coaches.

With over 18 years of experience in tuning you can trust TMC to provide a top quality service and the highest quality products. If you own a tuning company or garage workshop and want to get started into ECU remapping then we have everything you need including full backup and support, tuned file turnaround time is normally less than one hour. We can make custom stage 3 maps for hybrid turbo conversions and custom engine builds and the following:


  • DPF Solutions
  • EGR Solutions
  • Rev limiter increase
  • Speed limiter removal
  • Exhaust pops and bangs
  • Exhaust flames
  • Ad Blu Solutions
  • DTC Removal
  • O2 Sensor switch off
  • MAF Removal
  • Start/Stop disable
  • Swirl flaps delete
  • TVA delete
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We use Autotuner, Alientech Kess & KTag packages, renowned as the safest and most reliable tuning tools on the market however if required we can supply CMD, Magic Motorsport or Dimsport tools.

We can offer remap services for both fuel savings or power gains both to end customers or to trade customers at discounted prices. We have a team of highly skilled software engines who can make bespoke tuning maps to get the optimum performance from any engine.

We also offer tuning services for fleets giving fuel savings of between 12 and 14% which can amount to very large monetary savings for any small or large company operating fleets of cars, vans, coaches or large commercial vehicles.

We can supply tuning maps for every type of vehicle including Supercars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche including gearbox remapping files. 95% of our maps are dyno tested with proven results. We also offer a lifetime warranty on our tuning files.

For private customers you can bring your vehicle to us here at TMC and we can remap it to your specification. We also supply many engine upgrade parts such as exhausts, air intakes, dump valves, injectors and any other modifications you may require. We can remap most vehicles while you wait. Please contact us via any of our contact methods if you have any other enquiries.

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