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Our Tuning Box is specifically designed and programmed for Saab 09. Mrz engines using multi-channel digital tuning technology

Trusted by over 200,000+ customers worldwide, our Tuning Box is one of the world’s leading car tuning products

Multi-Channel Digital Tuning

A digital tuning unit has a microprocessor controlled computer board inside which is programmed with specific parameters for each individual vehicle

Easy to Install

There are different types of connections used for different models of vehicle however all kits are fully plug in so no soldering is required

up to 40% MORE POWER

Enhances the performance of your engine using Multi-Channel Technology to give you up to 40% more POWER

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up to 15% FUEL SAVING

Enhances the performance of your engine using Multi-Channel Technology to give you up to 15% FUEL SAVING

Controlled by Your Phone

Adjustable power setting controlled by an Android or Apple App - change from sports mode to eco while you drive


Our Chiptuning box is transferable to your next car. Simply disconnect and reconnect to your next car

Engine Guarantee

We provide an engine guarantee

Our tuning boxes improve the thermodynamic efficiency of the engine and help your vehicle to use the hidden power reserves efficiently.

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All TMC tuning kits are supplied with full installation instructions. There are different types of connections used for different models of vehicle however all kits are fully plug in so no soldering is required. Some kits require connection to the vehicle battery for power and others are powered from the sensors on the engine. Fitting time can be from five minutes to forty five minutes depending on the vehicle. Some basic skill is required so if you have no experience at all we recommend going to a technican or garage/workshop for the installation. We are also available for technical help even after normal working hours. We supply to many main dealers, garages and tuning shops Worldwide so we may be able to recommend an installer local to you. Please contact us for details. There are also many installation videos available on Youtube if you search under 'TMC installation' * We will not cover damage caused to the tuning kit due to incorrect installation.

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Twincharged Engines

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two main methods of tuning modern diesel and gasoline engines , one is by chip tuning or re-mapping , this involves using a special interface to read out the program from the cars computer or ECU and then writing in a new program to increase performance. The second method is to use an external plug in Tuning Box or as some people refer to them 'Piggyback ECU' , these units connect into the existing wiring of the vehicle generally using original manufacturers connectors , a control unit (Tuning Box) is then attached which can over-ride the signals coming from the engines sensors to the cars ECU and alter them to allow the injectors or common rail to inject more fuel at certain times and increase turbo pressure to keep the air/fuel ratio correct.

Quite simply the analogue unit has no electronics inside and no microprocessor, its generally made of resistors inside a plastic box with a screw to increase or decrease fuelling , these are very cheap to make and are usually found on well known auction sites, the risk with these units is that they have no set program to deliver the increased fuel or turbo pressure at specific points , instead they just increase fuelling or turbo pressure continuously even at idle which can cause the engine to run erratically and over time will likely cause damage and usually create a lot of smoke from the exhaust and possibly damage the turbo.

This is a real danger on the newest vehicles fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters on the exhaust because if the filter becomes blocked and cannot be regenerated you will have to replace it at great cost .

The analogue units generally will not work on a large number of modern cars due to the latest intelligent computers running the engine which can detect them and will cause the engine warning lamp to come on and the engine to go into safe mode (greatly reduced power and limited revs).

A digital tuning unit has a microprocessor controlled computer board inside which is programmed with specific parameters for each individual vehicle to obtain the maximum performance without reaching the safety cut off limits set by the manufacturer, each unit is set up on a dynamometer so the results can be accurately measured , the digital unit will also not function until the accelerator pedal is pressed beyond a certain point at which you are demanding extra power , this means that no extra fuel is being added at idle and the extra fuel being injected is reduced again when the engine approaches maximum revs to avoid damage , put simply the digital unit is carefully designed using the latest technology to achieve the maximum performance safely from each individual make and model of vehicle, also the parameters in the digital tuning kit are hard programmed into the control chip so they can never alter over time or temperature.

Multi Channel Technolgy is used on almost all of our tuning kits, the advantages to this technology are huge, we have the ability to control not just the amount of fuel being injected into the engine but simultaneously the turbo pressure can also be altered to make the air fuel mixture correct. We can also use input signals from the engines camshaft sensor to read the engine RPM and make Live Tuning as you drive instead of a fixed map which can have too much increase at low revs and can put additonal strain on the engine and gearbox. Our units also have the abilty to read engine temperature so the tuning can be delayed until the engine reaches a safe running temperature before power is increased. This technology is much more complex than single channel tuning kits made by most other companies and costs significantly more to produce but the benefits both in quality and performance make the extra cost worthwhile. We also use 32 and 64 bit microprocessors for the fastest processing speeds.

All of the units supplied by TMC Motorsport will give up to 40% increase in B.H.P and up to 40% increase in torque depending on the vehicle, the vehicle will be noticeably stronger pulling away and over-taking , these units are superb for those having to tow a large trailer or caravan . All performance figures quoted on this website are given as an approximate guideline and will vary from car to car, figures can also be influenced by outside factors such as temperature, air quality, quality of fuel and accuracy of the dyno the vehicle is being tested on as well as maintainance of the vehicle.

On fuelling : the units are sold mainly for their performance increase however almost all customers who have fitted one have noticed that if driving sensibly M.P.G will increase by up to 20% , this is not due directly to the tuning unit but more to how the vehicle drives after the tuning unit is fitted , its really down to common sense , if the vehicle pulls away easier in lower revs you don’t need to keep changing gears as often which reduces the amount of fuel used . This also means that you are not having to rev the engine hard to get performance which reduces stress on the engine and again reduces fuel consumption .

There are many good tuning kits available from various companies , but also many very bad ones which may cause serious damage to your engine leaving you out of pocket for hundreds or even thousands of pounds ! The biggest difference between our tuning kits compared to most others on the market is that we use Multi-Channel Technology, the advantage of this is most noticeable on newer cars from 2007 onwards especailly diesels fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters, a DPF is basically a collector of carbon/soot and is designed to capture most of the polluting carbon coming from your engine whilst you drive on short town journeys then when you use the motorway/highway at a maintained speed the vehicles ECU (computer) puts the DPF in to regenerate mode and uses extra fuel to superheat and dispose of the carbon away from the populated areas. Where problems arise is if you tune these engines just by increasing fuelling as you would have on older diesels, this creates more carbon/soot and the DPF can become blocked and if the dealer cannot manually re-generate it you may need to replace it and these are very expensive (in excess of £1000). With our multi-channel kits we also increase turbo pressure adding more air with the additional fuel, this will stop the DPF from becomming blocked and the car will also have more power than one tuned simply by adding fuel.

TMC Motorsport can guarantee that our Digital Tuning Modules are of the highest standards available , most units carry the highly regarded German T.U.V certification/approval and are rigorously tested and guaranteed for 2 years. Some of our units can also be adjusted to to nine different power settings by the customer depending on the level of power required.

Our units are also safe to run on all vehicles fitted with diesel particulate filters.

We offer excellent customer service and offer installation at our approved workshops or help for anyone wishing to self fit . We offer these units for almost all of the modern range of diesels and also for most modern turbo charged petrol/gasoline cars as well as diesel vans and 4x4’s .

Our units are specifically designed to run within the manufacturers safety limits and tolerances , the extra performance runs within the tolerance of the engine and gearbox. The service intervals of the vehicle will not change however it is important that they be done on time and using original manufacturers parts , it is also very important to regularly check the engine oil level and top up if necessary with the correct oil as most modern diesel engines are designed to use some oil to increase the lifespan of the engine. It is also important to remove the unit before visiting your dealer as many car manufacturers will have issue with any performance upgrades. We offer additional engine warranty for those who wish to have added cover for mechanical parts, this is purchased as an additional item.

Generally not , most can be fitted by one of our trained technicians in less than 20 minutes , however some require items like intercooler to be lifted off the top of the engine to get the connectors on to the injectors underneath , this is not a job we would recommend to someone with no mechanical experience , most kits though are very simple to fit , we can give you advice depending on your particular car. The important thing is to make sure the unit is not fitted close to any high sources of heat and that all cables are safely tied to avoid getting caught in moving engine parts .

There are no laws against increasing your cars performance, your insurance company however require that you inform them of any modifications you make to your vehicle including changing wheels or fitting sports exhausts, it is your own choice if you wish to do this however many of our customers who have informed their insurance companies of their performance upgrade did not incur any additional loading on their policy or at worst had to pay a small sum for the increased cover , this is a small amount to know that if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a collision that you will be fully covered.

No any increase in emissions is negligable, some kits even reduce emissions!

It’s a personal choice really, both should give similar results. For some people a Tuning Box is preferable if their car is under warranty as the unit can just be removed for servicing and re-fitted afterwards. Chip tuning also gives excellent results and means that the method of tuning is invisible to the eye, one downside is that if the vehicle dealer has to install updated software from the vehicle manufacturer the chip tuning will be erased and will have to be re-done.

No we have many different colours of housing, black, red, blue, green, silver etc. There are no differences in the electronics inside, on occasions if we run out of our regular red casings we will switch to another colour.

Payment is accepted securely online through Paypal which accepts all debit and credit cards and you do not need to have a Paypal account to pay by card, Paypal will also automatically detect which country you are purchasing from and add VAT (Anywhere inside Eurozone) or for countries outside the Eurozone no VAT will be added as taxes and duty are payable to your local customs at your local rates upon delivery. Shipping options will also be given by Paypal, for UK there is only one option of Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day Service (Free). For anywhere outside of UK there are two options, Royal Mail Airsure/International Signed For(usually 3-10 working days) or DHL Express(1-3 working days), DHL are generally very fast but as a courier can be subject to local customs inspections/delays for which neither the carrier or ourselves have any control over.

Most of our products come with a 3 year product warranty, this means should the product develop a fault it will be repaired or if un-repairable it will be replaced free of charge, the customer is responsible for return postage and insurance in the event of loss.

We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee on Chiptuning Box & Power Pedal Products on our tuning box range, this means should you be in any way dis-satisfied with the product you can return it within 30 days for a full refund of the product purchase cost.

We are pleased to offer a 30 days’ refund policy from the receipt of the products if the products are complete and are in an unused and undamaged condition. To return an item please email with the order details.

Please note that this returns policy does not affect your statutory rights.